Epic Podcast Fail and Steven Roger`s Amazing Biceps

Ran up to 109 Cinema near Hiroshima to catch Captain America: Civil War with Jeff today.  It was absolutely epic and we both agreed probably our favorite Marvel movie thus far.  The airport scene was as epic as every review said it was.  And the ending battle was not the CGI orgy we’ve all come to expect from Marvel movies.  Hell it was worth watching just to see Chris Evans flex his biceps while keeping a helicopter from escaping.

This movie was so fucking epic I couldn’t rant during our podcast. Despite the week from hell I was too damn happy.  I have less brain fog after sex.  I had reached Nirvana.

Speaking of podcast, we recorded a full hour, only to have a glitch wipe out all but 19 minutes.  No show this week kids.  Back to your Netflix. Better yet check out The Winter Soldier again in all it’s sexy glory.  Then go see Civil War.







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Kettlebells and Captain America

I`ve been gradually getting back into a workout routine mostly body weight work and sprinting up small hills.  Today I did a fairly easy 5 rounds of kettlebell swings – 30 seconds or work and 30 seconds of rest.  I`m in pretty bad shape!  Oh well better a little something than nothing.


In other and much more exciting new  – Captain America is playing in Hiroshima this Friday!


Rarely do I write a post with this massive of an erection

I usually avoid opening night for a movie but it`s Captain America! The Winter Soldier was one of my favorite Marvel movies.  Review is coming….

Thursday night new podcast!


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New T-Shirts are up!  Check them out here.  Shirts inspired by this episode of Seinfeld:


Fits my mood today.

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We`ve Got Shirts!

Check out the KuniVision T-Shirts here!

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The World Shook, Where’s The Other Shoe, & My Attempt To Flee The Net

I had another do I have Parkinson’s moment last night but it wasn’t me that was shaking, it was Japan.  An earthquake hit the Kumamoto Prefecture and it was big enough we felt it herein Kuni.  Just a light shake here that spooked the dog but it killed 9 people down in Kumamoto.  The boss pointed out there are a number of volcano’s near where the epicenter of the earthquake, a few of which are active.  Oh boy.


From the Japanese Meteorological Agency

In stranger news, I’ve noticed almost every day I walk my dog on the beach I find a shoe.  Always one, never a pair, and never the same shoe two days straight.  Maybe this is where The Mossad is dumping those shoes they’ve been stealing from this British Muslim Activist.


There was also this one today.


I want to believe

There was also a flip flop but I figured two shoe pictures is enough. So who the hell is chucking shoes into the ocean every day?

Finally, as part of my pathetic effort to break my internet addict I got Block Site for Google Chrome.  Block Site is Chrome extension that allows you to list sites you don’t want access to either all the time or for specific periods.  For example you could block yahoo.com for work hours, or Bing forever (who the fuck ever uses Bing anyway).  I did the same thing on my phone using the Iphone internet restrictions and blocked all my usual news and gaming info sites.  The last few days have been a little rough but I’ve been able to pull myself out of the Reddit hole and frankly not hearing anymore about the Republican Primaries has not hurt me at all.  Now I just need to cut the TV.

Next podcast in 1-2 weeks.



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Post Podcast Thoughts and Moving Forward

For the 5 of you reading, as you know the new podcast went up this morning.  I`m fairly happy with it, we finally got the sound dialed in and the flow was about what I was hoping for.  However we definitely get better and I have a few things in the hopper that`ll we be adding in as we move forward.

1.) Theme music!  My buddies from Japanese Rock Band Mugen Hoso gave us the OK to use their music on the podcast.

Check out their website here.  They tour the states every year and it`s a mind blowing show that no video can do justice.

2.)  Special guests and bits.  Stay tuned but we got a lot planned.

3.) Finally – well fuck it that`s it.  Good start. More to come.

Drink Hamada Mizu. Mizu for a genki living.


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KuniVision Podcast – Live Now!

Finally, recorded and can be streamed on youtube. Check it out. Jeff and I have simultaneous nerdgasms whilst discussing the latest comic book movies. I also discuss my sexsominia, and bitch about life.

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How Did we Poop Before Tumblr Porn?

I spent the last few days buried in The Art of Learning: An Inner Journey to Optimal Performance.  Remember the kid from  Searching for Bobby Fischer? His name is Josh Waitzkin and he`s all grown up now.  He went from being a chess prodigy to a Tai Chi Push Hands champion and does a bunch of other amazing stuff.  It`s been a damn good read. I recommend it. Anyway, Waitzkin was on the Tim Ferriss Podcast and I listened to it on the drive up to Hiroshima last weekend.

Anyway, something Ferriss and a few others have recommended is taking a break from media – reading, TV, the internet, etc for a week and focusing on just getting shit done.  The theory is we`re always on our phones, computers, or watching TV and we`re overloaded with information.

I know I`m definitely on my phone way too much.  Lately my eyes have been hurting from staring at my phone on the train to and from Hiroshima every day.  I`m always checking my email, looking things up online, checking the same news sites again and again.  Hell I can`t poop without my phone.

And really am I missing anything?  Reading the news once a day in the morning for 10-15 minutes is really enough.  I could check my email once a day and not miss anything.  What if I didn`t read the news at all for a month?  Would my world collapse or would I still have work to do, a dog to talk, and another 10 pounds to lose?  Frankly, most of the time spent surfing the net or watching Netflix is just time spent not doing anything productive.

A number of people, Josh Waitzkin included, make the case our ability to perform and focus goes down when we`re constantly in a reactive state receiving information, which makes sense.  Just try putting your phone away for a bit and see how many times you instinctively reach for it.

This week, after seeing it recommended half a dozen times, I decided I`m going to try to lessen my information overload.  I can`t do the full no TV, net, phone cleanse with work and the baby in the hospital (I need the phone around for emergencies), but I can check personal email once a day and work email twice a day.  I can avoid the news and junk on the web, at least for a little bit.

We`ll see what happens.  I will miss my Tumblr Porn Blogs whilst I poop but if it helps me clear my head and focus a bit more on how I`ll build my empire and make my millions, it`s worth trying.

That`s all for now.  New Podcast should drop Wednesday night.


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Limiting Stress by Creating an Environment that Encourages Success

I have two dogs back stateside that are living with my parents who are pretty well trained.  I didn’t do everything perfect though so before the wife and I got our Shiba I watched a handful of videos on Youtube hoping to pick up some useful training tips.

I found some guy with a face who has a bunch of dog training videos, most of which are actually pretty good.  Among the best is a video about creating an environment that encouraged your dog to behave well.  It was some of the best advice I’ve found in regards to dog training.

A good example of creating an environment that encourages success would be when I am home alone with the dog and want to take a shower.  If I left my pup in the kitchen alone while I am in the shower he would chew the shit out of the wall.  A bored little puppy is going to do what puppies and girls with daddies issues do – try to put their mouths on everything around them.  So instead of leaving the puppy alone with a chew toy and hoping for the best I’d lure him into his cage with a treat and go take my shower.  Basically by always controlling his environment, and making sure he always had a kong, ball, or rope to play with I made it much less likely he would fuck up and try to chew through a wall or dig through the trash. Along with lots of training and positive reinforcement I got a better behaved dog faster and with less stress.  It’s a real easy concept and I can’t believe I had never heard of it before.

I’ve tried lately to use this concept outside of dog training as well with a bit of success, although controlling my environment is a little more complicated for me than my dog. For example, I fucking hate the sound of people chewing food.  Even when people chew with their mouth closed I can`t stand the sound.

I love many things about Japan but the table manners here are a bit different.  People here slurp their food and hit their teeth with chopsticks/forks/any object that enters their mouth (giggity) and it drives me up a damn wall.


I do realize that my belief that all humans should eat as quietly as ninjas walk can directly be linked to my ever quickening decent into insanity and therefore in order to limit stress and not murder anyone I do whatever I can to avoid situations that will trigger a state of rage. I don’t sit next to my mother-in-law when I eat at restaurants, always turn on Netflix when I eat at home, and stay the hell out of ramen shops (too much gluten anyway).

Other examples would be going to the gym when it’s not crowded, always carrying a clipboard at work to appear busy and keep the boss off my back, and always putting a towel down before masturbating in the tatami room. In all these examples I`m making success more likely and creating stress free environments by avoiding issues that would cause headaches like squat racks full of douche bags doing curls, bosses trying to pass down real work, and trying to vacuum dried semen out of straw like matting.

Life is full of stress.  Sometimes you end up in a pretty shitty situation like your baby having multiple heart surgeries, or realizing that if you don`t get your act together you`ll be in the same nowhere job until forced retirement at 65.  However life is also full of a lot of good things and by removing the small petty shit you`re better able to enjoy the best life has to offer.  By putting yourself in a good spot when you can, you free up energy for when life really hits you with circumstances outside of your control.

Common sense right?  Well if I had common sense I wouldn’t have ended up in the magical kingdom that is the Kuni.

Until next time.






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Podcast Coming Soon…

Really…I promise.

FullSizeRender (1)

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